Chagall’s Wife

Written by sjmc19

A high school student interrupts her science teacher in a coffee shop only to be invited to spend the afternoon with him.

The uncomfortableness of the story is its reward; watching two characters circumvent the taboo of an “extra-curricular relationship” is disturbing…in a good way.

“No, it’s a coffee drink. Kind of like an ice cream float for grown-ups.”

“I see.” I leaned one hand on my hip and sucked my bottom lip under the top one until it disappeared. Mr. Ackerman looked down to the floor, where one of my sneakers was standing firmly on top of the other. Then he looked around the café, at the other people sitting there, reading newspapers or quietly chatting, and back at me.”

“Would you like to try one?”

Enjoy The Police and able to enjoy “Don’t Stand So Close to Me” despite having paid attention to the lyrics? Then this one’s for you.

Chagall’s Wife” by Abigail Ulman

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