In This One

Written by sjmc19

A man recalls different decisions in his life and, by making different choices this time, lives a different life in his old age.

In this one, a very self-reflexive one, the writer uses the phrase, “in this one” in every sentence.

In this one no one calls a drink like that a nightcap. In this one she says, while he’s finishing his second brandy and she’s nursing her first, “So, my ex-deary, care to have a go at it for old times’ sake?” In this one, though he knows what she means but wants a little more time to think about it, he says, “Excuse me, but a go at what?” and in this one he’s not going to use the expression “says” or “said something like.”

People who enjoy reading between the lines: those people would read—and might enjoy—the story being told here.

In This One” by Stephen Dixon

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