The Withdrawl Method

Written by sjmc19

Our narrator provides us with an intimate look at a couple of days in the life of one millennial woman.

Ulman’s third story in the collection has sealed it for me: here are engaging stories, in contemporary settings, with meaningful themes.

The guy to my left is working on a Word file titled Start-Up: A Memoir.“Do I know you?” he says when he sees me looking. He has black curly hair and straight white American teeth.

“No,” I say, “I just thought I’d save you some time by telling you not to bother writing that memoir. Nobody reads books anymore.”

Anyone sceptical about the state of the short story, or wondering who was passed the “short story” baton from the old white men, needs to read this (and the rest of the collection).

The Withdrawl Method” by Abigail Ulman.

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