Most Die Young

Written by sjmc19

A young journalist draws parallels between the subject of her investigation—a tribe in South Asia called the Pawong—and her own life in a world where fear reigns.

Several genuinely funny moments in this story and every character is painfully similar to people you’ve encountered.

My dreams were not to get mur­dered, not to suffer a ludicrous death, not to think about death all the time, to live in an apartment small enough that I could see all of it from anywhere I stood. (I had already fulfilled that last dream.)

Those who enjoy dark humour, and anyone in the workforce capable of remembering professors and/or momentous breakups, will enjoy how this story is told.

[Despite a couple of explicit and frank conversations about sex, this is a solidly constructed short story: useful for all of the elements of fiction in a senior English class.]

Most Die Young” Camille Bordas

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