Chairman Spaceman

Written by sjmc19

A financially successful man, who has traded everything in for a place on a ship to populate a distant planet, spend his last day saying goodbye.

A curious Bradbury-esque story which considers what we might think and do if we had only a day left…but we’re dying.

A pop country song was playing on the radio—a song about a Styrofoam cooler in a fishing boat, a father-daughter dance, a marriage cut short by cancer, the usual. Never again would he hear songs like this. The church wasn’t letting anyone bring prerecorded music to the planet. Music from Earth, it had been decided, would only lead to feelings of melancholy.

Science fiction readers and ethics junkies will relish the dilemmas faced with a 16-year journey to start a new planet.

[Any educator looking to update any old science-fiction short stories will find all the basics here: good plot, strong characters, clear setting, and limited point of view.]

Chairman Spaceman” by Thomas Pierce

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