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A young Russian gymnast is given the opportunity to leave her family and small town in order to find out where her skills can take her.

A truly outstanding story (I’m often sceptical of some stories and whether their length will be worth it; Ulman doesn’t waste a word).

“Girls, girls, quiet down,” Coach Zhukov said. “I’ll cure you of your curiosity. I wanted to make this decision right away, before we break for Christmas, so we can start the preparations in time. So, after a difficult weekend of deliberation, and some discussion with Xenia, I have come up with a list of four. Four girls.”He said all the usual stuff about how it had been a hard decision and we were all deserving, in a perfect world we could all go, blah blah.

Those looking to “walk a mile in someone else’s shoes” should consider putting on Kira’s.

“Warm-Ups” by Abigail Ulman.

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