Same Old Same As

Written by sjmc19

Therapy sessions help a young girl vocalize her issue; her friends rally in support, but her family doesn’t.

The reaction to Ramona’s announcement, from friends and family, is painfully believable (so too is the fallout).

Her mother, who, when driving her to her first session with Dr. Carvden, had joked, “I’m glad you’ve agreed to talk to someone, but therapy can do funny things to people. Just remember: You haven’t been abducted by aliens, you weren’t Marilyn Monroe in a past life, and you never had a drunk old uncle with wandering hands.” Her mother, who was silent the whole way home, until they pulled into the driveway, the second story of the house blotting out the gold of the setting sun, when she stopped the car and said, “Well, then. I hope everyone’s going to be happy with spag bol for dinner. I didn’t have time to get to Safeway”

If you turned your nose up at the “popular girls” in high school, or your one who finds insincerity in most people’s reactions to tragedy, the behaviour of the characters here will strike a chord.

“Same Old Same As” by Abigail Ulman.

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