The Pretty One

Written by sjmc19

Girl sees boy; girl gets boy; girl loses boy.

All further reviews of Ulman’s work will simply be this: brilliant.

It is the way I’m going to prove that I can take care of something. I don’t take proper care of myself, or my relationships. I hand my students’ papers back to them weeks late, and I forget friends’ anniversaries and parties, even though Google calendar reminds me every time. When I was little I had a pet rabbit who didn’t get food when it was raining because I didn’t want to go out in the cold. It was a London bunny; it went hungry a lot. So this plant is going to be the first thing I take care of. It is my practice dog, and maybe my practice dog will be my practice husband, and maybe my practice husband will be my practice adopted baby from the Near East.

If Misery is looking for company (after a break-up, after getting dumped, etc.), he/she will find it here.

“The Pretty One” by Abigail Ulman.

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