Caring for Plants

Written by sjmc19

A middle-age man requires assisted-living (overseen by his mother-in-law) after his car accident that takes the life of his wife.

Gender stereotypes loom large while the motif of caring and cultivation plays into a slow crescendo of suspense.

When he had asked his wife about them, she’d got excited and explained who the women in the pictures were. One was a writer who had commited suicide; another was a dancer who had died of some disease. A cosmetics model, a famous journalist. Some of the women Oghi recognized and others he didn’t. He figured out right away what they had in common. They were all successful women—women who had succeeded to the point of having influence on a perfect stranger.

Don’t know Korean culture well enough to make a judgement on whether there’s some culture-criticism there (though, I think there is), but IF you enjoy playing Scruples or reading If books, you should like this.

Caring for Plants” by Hye-young Pyun

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