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Mistakenly summoned to work towards her GED, a prison inmate discerns her teacher’s fondness for her and tries to use this to her advantage.

In a story told from the perspectives of teacher and student (in 3rd and 1st-person), the woman’s experience sounds authentic, and the teacher’s character is developed methodically.

“It’s O.K. to make a promise,” London said to Gordon, as if summarizing for the teacher how life actually worked, “but it’s not always a good idea to keep one.”

Educators who recall the early (read: wistfully-optimistic) days of their careers, and anyone who has Googled the names of old acquaintances and past lovers will relate to the character.

[While some of the content is not appropriate for a high school classroom, the characters would likely interest educators.]

“Stanville” by Rachel Kushner

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