Seeing Ershadi

Written by sjmc19

Sightings and possible-sightings of an (obscure?) Iranian actor connect the memories of a woman reflecting, often with indifference, on events where she’s present, but doesn’t seem to play an active part.

Krauss has, in the past, made me laugh aloud at her characters; while I have no such reaction to the narrator of this story, it certainly makes me want to watch Taste of Cherry. 

The plane glided above a great shelf of cloud, and the farther it got from Japan the less possible it seemed…until it seemed absurd, just as kimonos and Japanese toilets and etiquette and tea ceremonies, which had all possessed irrevocable genius in Kyoto, at a distance grew absurd.

Film aficionados and lovers of obscure allusions might find deeper meaning; something in the story suggests that explainers will use the word existential. 

Seeing Ershadi by Nicole Krauss

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