No More Maybe

Written by sjmc19

A pregnant Chinese woman, who’s immigrated to America with her husband, hosts her in-laws and juggles her roles and expectations with the fact that she’s the most insightful person in the room.

I’m not certain what made me like this story so much: its crafted so well: I moved from feeling sympathetic to empathetic (and, frankly, a little guilty for feeling empathy when I have no idea what these circumstances are like).

And she has to take some English-language classes. Because these classes are expensive in China! she says. Here they are free.
She thinks this is very strange.
“Why are they free?” she asks. She says, “America is a capitalist country. What about so-called ‘market force’?” “Market force” sticks out of her Chinese like a rock in a path. “And what about so-called ‘invisible hands’?” she goes on, and there it is–another rock.

Your conservative friend, who doesn’t quite “get” the interest in welcoming immigrants to the West, might gain a window into the difficulties of transitioning to a new culture.

No More Maybe by Gish Jen

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