After waiting for all the “ducks” to get in a row (I’m looking at you, McDougall building inspector), we finally received word that the demolition could take place. They made very quick work of dividing our place in two and making half of it disappear. What’s more, the process of re-building was remarkably fast. The process, […]



Since the renovation will require about 3 months of work, and after the demolition on the old part of the house will leave us without a bathroom, we had to move out of the house while the work was being done. One advantage of having a couple of months off in the summer is being […]


Love it or…improve it.

After talking for several years about what we’d like to do with our house, we finally decided to begin exploring how best to go about renovating. Several meetings at the bank later, we committed to have a couple of designs created, got ourselves a contractor and jumped in with both feet. Background Essentially our house […]


Return to Work

Well, it looks like the Christmas Break is over. We’ve had three snow-days in a row. I’m not sure we’ve had this before (two yes, but I can’t remember three). Since it was tacked on to the end of a 17 day break, I’m sure students will have no complaints about returning to school. The […]


First Disappointment of WC 2014

Back in November, I came across this brief and seemingly insignificant article on The Guardian’s football page. In short, it mentioned they were going to test-run disappearing paint referees would use to indicate the 10 yard distance for a free-kick. I didn’t take it seriously, in large part because it seem to feature a photo […]