The Hunt Goes On

Where we feel the real estate agents are failing us is in showing us enough places.  Now, with the “power” of the internet, we can arrange to see places on our own.  We’re trying to pick up the slack by calling or emailing people who are advertising their apartments on … Continue reading

House Hunting

On Tuesday we were whisked to the school for the first time.  It’s quite a trek out of the city: 30-40 minute drive.  It is near an area of the city called Brisas de Golf (breezes of golf…I think). Obviously, the area of the city is near a golf course. … Continue reading

First Day in the City

First impressions are always dodgy, especially when it comes to judging countries. I think about my in-laws who, I think, had two female taxi-drivers when they visited Sofia, Bulgaria.  I lived there for two years and didn’t even see a female taxi-driver.  However, I couldn’t have blamed them if they … Continue reading