The Hunt Goes On

Where we feel the real estate agents are failing us is in showing us enough places.  Now, with the “power” of the internet, we can arrange to see places on our own.  We’re trying to pick up the slack by calling or emailing people who are advertising their apartments on the website  (We’ve been told it translates “open 24” or “open 24 hours”). 

The process goes a little something like this

  1. find a place that we’re interested in
  2. translate the description from Spanish using Google Translate
  3. email the advertiser
  4. arrange a meeting time and place
  5. find out where the “place” is using Google Maps
  6. decide whether we’ll walk or taxi
  7. head out

We went through this yesterday to see a place we were interested in San Francisco.  It was a high-rise (and provided me with some excellent photo opportunities).  The whole process went incredibly smoothing, except for Step 6.

We decided to walk.

According to Google Maps, the distance between the hotel and the apartment was 1.2km.

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It turned out to be a 45min walk…which isn’t so bad…unless it’s 33C with crazy humidity.

By the time we arrived at the apartment, I was sweating as bad as I do in any soccer game.  It wasn’t just a sweat-stain on my back, nor just pit-stains.  You could see shin-sweat coming through my pants!  I was soaked.  Even after sitting down in the a/c for 45 minutes and drinking two 12 oz beverages, I was still sweating.  It was un-real.

View of the city Trump Tower being built on right

The apartment? 

It was great.  Good view of the park, the city and the ocean (from the terrace on the roof).  We’d be high enough to avoid a lot of the horns of traffic below (and pollution) and close to lots of activities.

We’re still hunting, but we feel like we’re getting closer to a decision.

2 thoughts on “The Hunt Goes On

  1. you are done there at the hottest time of year!!! Why does that totally remind me of Alex. Oh and welcome to my world big boy it was advertised as HOT and HUMID and thats what you get. its fun huh? you will get used to it, sorta. We be chill’n here we are unusally wet here lots and lots of rain so much so that Seattle Wa is dry and hot, yes we got their rain and does it suck for them.

    another note. we love the blog and you are rocking it with the consistent updates, stick with it, your fans are love’n it. the pics are very nice.

    your Georigia Bud,


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