Last Entry on Canadian Soil

I believe that we are now finally prepared to go. The only decisions left are 1. what to wear on the plane (I’m wearing shorts and a safari hat so I’ll blend in when I de-plane) 2. what books to take in my carry-on [David McCullough’s The Path Between the Seas looks daunting but appropriate.  […]

Shaky Information

One of the results of traveling to a different country is a greater interest in the information about the place you visit. Prior to living in Bulgaria, I wouldn’t pay close attention to any news that came out of the country. Now I perk-up and lean forward wondering what’s going on there when it makes […]

9 Day Summer Break

While the temperature is not the greatest (yet I won’t wish for something warmer being careful what I wish for), it’s an absolutely wonderful day as I write this blog looking out over the Ottawa River.  The water is a little too cold to enjoy a swim just yet. Now, we have left our house.   […]

Moving Out

Today marks the last day in our house.  It is amazing how much “stuff” you realize you have when you begin to put it in boxes. I felt like George Carlin was standing over me while I packed asking, “Do you have enough ‘stuff’?” We drove to Toronto yesterday and put 13 boxes on a […]

Conference Day 2

[I failed to included the link to the website  with the lecture yesterday; I HAVE included it here, and added it to the spot it was supposed to be yesterday.] [This experience of blogging was never intended to be political: today I may have deviated a little from my intention.] [This category—school—might be something you […]