Part of the Problem…but I Have a Good Excuse!

In 2005 Darlene and I pulled out of Avon Park Ford in Stratford, driving our brand spanking new Ford Focus. I remarked as we turned onto Huron St, “This is likely the last gasoline powered vehicle that we’ll buy in our lifetime.” I truly believed that I would “drive it into the ground”, get my […]

A Trip to the Supermarket

Part of the routine of daily life includes a visit to the local supermarket. We’re able to walk to the local Rey for our groceries.  There seems to be two large chains in the city: Rey and Super 99—the latter is owned by the current president.  There’s nothing political in our decision to shop at […]

My Morning Routine

Many of my colleagues in Parry Sound have started looking towards the first day of school a little more seriously.  As you soak-up the last days of summer vacation, consider that Dee & I have been back teaching for 4 weeks now. If you think going into school in August is bad, think about going […]

The Land that Baby-Seats Forgot

[I was tempted to begin typing, “When I was a kid…”, but I don’t think comparison is exactly the angle I want to take here. So…] I think it’s a great that Ontario has a law requiring a baby seat in the car before new parents can take a newborn home.  Who could argue against […]

Shipping (err…rather, receiving): Part 3

The broker wanted us to pay $150 for the delivery.  I was upset about the price. We negotiated and agreed—me, begrudgingly—on $100. Well, he may get his $50 yet.   The boxes arrived today. In order to receive them, we needed to have our Inventory and Bill of Lading.  Both had us down for 13 […]