Between Panama and Boquete

Shortly after leaving the city, I began to notice something strange about some of the people on the side of the road: they weren’t people. Dee and I began to notice (with increasing frequency) that people had scarecrows out in front of their houses. I assumed that Panamanian children wanted to be like Canadian children […]

The Drive Out of the City

One of the prospects of living in a small country is the ability to see the entire country in a day.  We were on the Bridge of the Americas (effectively the western limit of Panama City) at  11am.  Taking our time, and stopping along the way, we were able to make it to Boquete in […]

Start of Christmas Vacation

The approach of our Christmas holidays was bittersweet. Unlike teaching at home, the Christmas break here is also the end of the semester.  This is good because it means everyone is tidily finished.  You don’t return to school in January to teach for only two weeks before worrying about exams.  You also don’t need to […]

On the Second Day of Christmas

Two weeks ago, on a Saturday, we noticed a lot of activity in Parque Omar (a large city park just outside our window…a 5 minute walk).  They were setting up a small amusement park (the kind you would find in a K-mart parking lot years ago).  In addition to kiddie rides, there was Christmas ornaments.  […]

12 Days of Christmas (in Panama)

Celebrating Christmas in a warm climate is new to me.  It still doesn’t feel right to have pictures of a red-snow-suit Santa plastered around the city: I feel hot looking at him. That said, the spirit of the season is in full force here, and I hope, over the next 12 days, this is an […]