Christmas Approaching in Parry Sound

One indication the season is upon us here in Parry Sound is the moment the local radio station (The Moose FM) starts playing Gipp Forester. If you’ve never heard Gipp and his trite, fabricated reflections on Christmas time, listen below. (It’s 2 minutes you’ll never get back.) We started hearing him earlier in this month […]

Password Protected Posts

Decided to use this form/forum to share more photos and events of our family. However, I’m trying to be a little sensitive to privacy (am I naive?) for our son. If you’d like access to future password protected posts, just email for the password.

Hopes of a White Christmas Dashed

Just 6 days later, all the snow has melted. We went from this:   to this: It looks like our Christmas is going to be a green one (first time I can remember in a long time). Our forecast for the next week does see some rain, but it looks like it’ll all be wet. […]

Online Streaming (Follow-up)

About 4 months ago, I wrote about, an online music-streaming site. I was pretty impressed and used the site a lot. At the beginning of this month, I cancelled my subscription. For a while.  I’m re-thinking it. Two things, rather important things, turned out to be quite frustrating. The first is that work no […]