Hasta Luego, Parry Sound

It’s been a while since I’ve been able to write, in earnest, of travel.

Seven years on from our return from Panama, we embark on another adventure in Mexico.

Family departure portrait

What’s changed this time?

  • I’ve realized blogging is more a journal or a diary for myself than writing for any other audience (if you’re reading this, thank you).
  • We have a kid in tow this time; any posts featuring him will be password protected (send me an email if you think I know you well enough to share it).
  • Facebook has made it ridiculously easy to share with friends and family, but I still feel in control of my words and photos here (I’ll share the posts there too, of course).
  • So what are my expectations and what do I know about Mexico? Very little.
  • As with most of our travels, I’m curious about what I learn in the early months of being there. Usually I ended-up wondering, “How the hell did I not know about this before?”
  • Our biggest concern as we depart? Making sure the second apartment we think we’re getting is actually one we get. Fingers crossed. After all, it’s the hardest season of the year to leave Parry Sound.
  • Quiet summer sunset
    Summertime fun

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