Getting Outta Town

With a holiday for the Mexican Independence Day, we were able to get out of the city for the first time. (The city has been building up to the occasion with red, white, and green appearing everywhere.)

After this dance, I got to see my first Mexican Hat Dance, in real-life, IN Mexico!

We booked a weekend in Tepoztlán, a small town that’s only a 2-hour bus ride from CDMX. After leaving straight from work, we were able to arrive before dark. We had rented a small place that had a pool, so our planned hiking could be the precursor to R&R by the pool.

One of the highlights of the town was the scenic view of the mountains. We hiked up Tepozteco Mountain to see the El Tepozteco temple (built by the Toltec culture, a forerunner of the Aztecs).

The town has a history of challenging the conquest: they refused a visit of Cortes, and we were told–by a local ice-cream shop owner–that this is how the local indigenous people dressed when they danced around to make fun of the Spanish priests:

We travelled with another family we’ve met here; they have three kids, two of whom are around Ian’s age, so he was in his glory.

He was worn out after the hike though…even into the next day and our venture into the market for some great (HEAVY) food.

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