Sweet Day in Montreal 

Arrived last night (on a school field trip) in Montreal for a few days of exploring and francophone communication.  Spent most of our time in the old city over the last 36 hours.  Notre Dame was great at night but better, inside today: Topped off today with a trip to an authentic sugar farm (making […]

Return to Work

Well, it looks like the Christmas Break is over. We’ve had three snow-days in a row. I’m not sure we’ve had this before (two yes, but I can’t remember three). Since it was tacked on to the end of a 17 day break, I’m sure students will have no complaints about returning to school. The […]

Weekend Broomball

One tradition we’ve come to enjoy every year (about this time—as the snow is deciding just how long it’s going to stick around) is our friends’ broomball tournament. Tournament in this case can be used very loosely: it’s a gathering of typically 30-odd people, teams are picked on the spot, and several games are played […]