Cerveza Festival

Great time at this beer tasting festival. Not much to write: attended with friends, tasted a lot of beer, had a great time. It was held at the WTC; only odd thing was having to pay at each vendor for the tasting…needed a lot of change. (Motivated to get these photos off my phone!)

No Good Deed Goes…

One thing we learned traveling is that there are good people everywhere.  Several years ago, while traveling in Victoria, BC, we were waiting at a bus stop on a Sunday afternoon.  A lady in a car stopped and verified that we were waiting for the bus: “There’s no bus service here on Sundays,” she informed […]

A Stroll in the Neighbourhood

Decided to go for a little stroll around the neighbourhood Saturday.  It was wonderful.  We have lots of amenities around us.  Just about everything we need is close by… If we’re hungry and want mangos, they’re just outside our door: If we’re thirsty, we just need to hail down a drink… From what we could […]