Puebla: A City for Churches

Google Translate tells me that Puebla translates to “Puebla”, but pueblo translates to “village” or “people”. After visiting, I’m surprised it doesn’t translate to “city of churches”. I can’t say I’ve been anywhere where there are so many churches. What’s more, each one is grand. Something tells me that many of the priests of Puebla have to be top-notch: […]

Getting Outta Town

With a holiday for the Mexican Independence Day, we were able to get out of the city for the first time. (The city has been building up to the occasion with red, white, and green appearing everywhere.) After this dance, I got to see my first Mexican Hat Dance, in real-life, IN Mexico! We booked […]

Final Day Playing Tourist

After a miserable day of rain, we were fortunate to get one one last warm sunny day. Barcelona has commuter bikes throughout the city, but they’re only available to local residents. Fortunately our friends have cards and trust we can figure-out the process. Darlene and I took bikes and rode for a while along the […]

One Day of Rain

A lousy day to be a tourist. Aware of the forecast, we thought bracing for the elements (in this case, the singular: rain), would make it more bearable. Umbrellas and rain jackets did little for our feet. We ventured into the old city and found a great Gothic church called Santa Maria del Mer (Our […]