Fun, Off-Resort

Decided to get-outta-Dodge for a day.  Ian had opted for wearing a Cleveland baseball cap this trip over his Blue Jays hat. Turned out to be an excellent decision. We discovered that the home province of Edwin EncarnaciĆ³n is La Romana: where we’re staying. Definitely got some attention from the baseball-lovers.  Naturally, we landed in the back […]

The fun continues…

The resort is certainly a hit with Ian:  He, fortunately, has his mother’s ability to tan (rather than his father’s: burn).  Conversely, he’s prone to people watching–like his old man.  Lots of fun, and a tired kid. We’ll see if he can continue his streak–no napping since he was three. 

A day in the DR

The wonders of a lack-of-quality-free-wifi: you spend a day and a half unconnected.  Our first day and a half revolved around taking turns playing with Ian in the pool.  The only thing we could get Ian to compromise on OUT of the pool was table tennis; the kid loves sport and games.  His first foray […]

En route: DR

We’re embarking on our first family vacation that requires a plane.  It’s been an early morning, but it hasn’t dashed Ian’s spirits.  Our seats, I think, could t be worse: right in front of the washroom, last row at the back. Lesson learned; reserve online the day before. 

Reno Mentality

Since we’ve started the process of renovating the house, I’ve developed a serious interest in home-improvement store flyers. Home Depot, Rona, Home Hardware: who has a sale on fixtures? What’s the best price on hardwood? Inevitably, I’m certain that most people renovating their homes, at some point, find themselves asking sales staff, “Can I please […]