Strange Things Travelling in Ontario

Often easier shortly after returning to Canada, I always wonder what foreigners would find strange about Canada when they were traveling around the country. One of the things I’m sure would baffle many is the number of signs in Ontario that inform drivers of absolutely nothing. Last summer I pointed out to Darlene that there […]

Am I really that old?

We spent several hours in the car this summer: trips to Deep River and Stratford had us on Ontario highways for the better part of 16 hours in less than 2 weeks. During each trip, we spent a lot of the time listening to the radio or mp3s. Darlene quickly got tired of my most […]

The Roads of Antigua

It’s incredibly comfortable walking around the streets of Antigua; part of the reason is that the streets are all one-way and they’re cobblestone.  This means you only have to worry about traffic slow-moving traffic in one direction. Have I mentioned that there are lots of babies in this country?  Kids everywhere. For example… I wasn’t […]

Getting My Driver’s License: Prologue

As I had mentioned previously, I was going to take up a hobby here of applying for things.  I have already failed at obtaining a Visa card from the bank.  However, I was inspired by the recent wave of American colleagues who have successfully got their driver’s license. Unfortunately, our employers have had little influence […]

To An Accuracy of 5m (or, Pythagorean Theorem)

40m As mentioned previously, the turn to Boquete, off of the InterAmericana highway, is in David.  When we made the turn at David, I noted the elevation of 40m on my super large watch (Andrew will be happy to hear that I’m sporting the extra-large watch again). Boquete is supposed to have one of the […]